About Us

A true Pilbara derived business with our office, yard and directors located in Karratha

Our Goal

Our goal is to continually expand through the recognition of our high-quality work that is completed. We can effectively deliver on projects through a variety of industry methodologies, which are reinforced by our core value of collectively working together with our partners and clients.
We acknowledge that while the final product is important, the journey forms a significant part of the overall success of the project. Our team of expert professionals has the tenacity and technical ability to tackle complex projects, and a genuine desire to understand and work together with our clients to materialise their vision.

Minimising Footprint

Minimising our footprint in the Pilbara region is always in the forefront of our minds. We constantly pursue our commitment to our environmental impact by reevaluating our policies and procedures, including recycling, responsible waste disposal and through educating our team for best practices.

Our Guarantee

However significant or minor the work is that is requested by our clients, our team at Rowe Plumbing can assure you that it is completed with a with a high manner of professionalism and exceptional standard.


We look forward to doing business with you soon.

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