Rowe Plumbing


We pride ourselves on both the high standard of work ethic and customer service excellence.

WE Got You Covered


Our quality coupled with our care will ensure your home is both serviced and maintained so you can simply enjoy your property. We offer all aspects of domestic plumbing including gas services. With water efficiency technologies and water softening products to purify water available, we are always willing to assist in advising the best concepts to compliment your goals for your home.


Our commercial clients can rest assure that their assets are protected and maintained when under our attention through our facility maintenance programmes. We can audit, renew and repair gas and water lines. Install pump stations and RO units. Evaluate water efficiency levels and service commercial RPZ backflow units. Please feel free to contact our office to organise a personal maintenance program suitable for your business and commercial property.


Our team is committed to servicing our industrial clients and their requirements with professionalism. Our developed management systems ensure that this process is streamlined, enhancing our efficiency and price effectiveness. We invite you to contact us so we can share our recent experience with relevant projects. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact our estimator at [email protected]